LiLo Coffee – SHIWASU Blend ~雪見~ yukimi (December Monthly Blend) – 200g

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Strawberry mochi・Raspberry・Coconut・Vanilla・Honey
Whole coffee beans roasted on 16 December 2021

①The taste and mouthfeel of a strawberry Daifuku (a type of Japanese sweet made of mochi stuffed with a sweet filling)
②Fresh acidity and sweetness of raspberry and coconut
③A gentle aftertaste of honey with a hint of vanilla

You can enjoy a thick and melting sweet mouthfeel. Juicy strawberry-like fruitiness also expands in your mouth.

【Origin】Indonesia Cerinci Mountain Natural, Brazil Santuario Citrus Sweetness, Colombia El Futuro Honey
【Roast Level】2 Light roast
【Aftertaste】 4
【Recommended brewing method】
Espresso, V60, Aeropress, Cold Brew, American Press

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About LiLo Coffee

LiLo Coffee Roasters opened its doors in 2014 – their story starting at one beauty salon run by the owner of the roaster, Hotta-san. One of Osaka’s first and finest specialty coffee shop with their slogan, LIFE with COFFEE is COLORFUL. Great coffee can change lives. It makes everyday bright and colorful, even for your future as well. Lilo Coffee Roasters is definitely one of our favorite roasters from Japan with their vast range of coffees from all over the world.

LiLo Coffee - SHIWASU Blend ~雪見~ yukimi (December Monthly Blend) - 200g


Out of stock