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    Dark chocolate・Toffee・Walnut・Red grape
    Whole beans roasted on 15 December 2022
    ① Complex scent of red grapes and nuts
    ② Fragrance like walnut
    ③ Dark chocolate, sweetness of toffee
    A good start as a filter in the morning, relax with a good cuppa ice coffee in the noon and mix it with milk to enjoy its round flavor in the evening! This bean is cultivated in Ashiko Village and is the top prized bean in East Timor. Among the Timor beans that are improving in quality year by year, these strong characters clearly show. The dark chocolate, the sweetness of toffee, the scent of walnuts, and the flavor of red grapes can also be felt. It is an interesting bean with various personalities that stand out even when deeply roasted.
    【Roast Level】Dark roast
    【Origin】East Timor
    【Location】Ermera Letefoho Asico
    【Farm】Various small farmers
    【Varieties】Hybrid Timor
    【Recommended brewing method】Espresso・V60・Melitta・Cold brew・Kinto

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    Baked apple・Cashew nuts・Caramel candy・Dark chocolate
    Whole beans roasted on 15 December 2022
    ①Baked apple aroma and cashew nut aroma.
    ②A sweetness similar to that of golden candy.
    ③ A lingering aftertaste of dark chocolate.
    【Roast Level】 Dark roast
    【Origin】 Myanmar
    【Location】Shan State Ywar Ngan
    【Farm】 Kyauk Nget
    【Elevation】 1400-1600m
    【Varieties】Caturra・Catuai・San Ramon
    【Processing】Red Honey
    【Recommended brewing method】Espresso・V60・AeroPress・Cold brew