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    This tiny contactless digital thermometer is the perfect companion to the FlowTip Jug. Quickly monitor the temperature of your milk without having to place a probe in the milk means one less thing to clean. Powered by two tiny LR44 button batteries. A quick and accurate thermometer with infrared sensing technology, it is ideal for heating milk and cooking, the reading is within seconds and can be used in a temperature range of -50ºc – 250ºc.

    Dimensions: 11.4cm x 2.2cm (4.5″ x 0.85″)
    Emissivity: 0.98
    Infrared Temperature Measurements
    – Point and shoot at the surface to know the temp.
    Quick, Reliable Reading – Know the exact temperature in seconds. Instant read with 20 second display hold.
    Large Temp Range – Measure form -50ºc – 250ºc.
    Accurate – Reading to within 0.1ºc of the target temp.
    Perfect for Heating Milk – Aim it at the surface of milk, waiting for 55º–65ºc to stop.