Blue Cottage Coffee: Yunnan Winey Anaerobic Natural – 200g


Pineapple, Cocoa, Rum
Whole coffee beans roasted on 20 May 2024

The Yunnan Pu’er Winey Anaerobic Natural coffee begins its journey in the misty mountains of Yunnan, China. The Pu’er region in Xishuangbanna stands out as a unique coffee-growing area. Amidst lush greenery, and high altitudes the Catimor variety flourishes. Meticulously hand-picked, the ripe Catimor cherries then undergo an innovative anaerobic natural process. They’re placed in sealed tanks without oxygen where they ferment, developing complex flavours. After fermentation, they are sun-dried, locking in their distinctive taste profile. The anaerobic fermentation imparts a unique wine-like quality, making each sip an adventure. Enjoy and savour the harmonious blend of pineapple sweetness, cocoa richness, and a hint of rum, all encapsulated in every sip.

Roast: Medium Light
Origin: Yunnan, Pu’er, Xishuangbanna
Variety: Catimor
Process: Anaerobic Natural

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About Blue Cottage Coffee Roasters

Blue Cottage Coffee was founded in 2018 based on the passion to provide healthy aromatic coffee to the community. The name itself is an embodiment of our deeper connection with coffee. The word “blue” in the name depicts the stirring spirituality of the African-America music genre. Whereas, cottage indicates that the inspiration for our distinctive coffee originated from research on the magical beans in a small house close to nature. All of this and more to make sure that you enjoy a coffee experience that you deserve. What has made us proud is the fact that our experienced R&D team is certified CQI Q-Arabica Grader. It also fulfils the high standards as set by the Speciality Coffee Association (SCA).

Blue Cottage Coffee: Yunnan Winey Anaerobic Natural - 200g


In stock