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    Whole beans roasted on 9 February 2023
    A versatile regular blend that provides a stable taste in various uses regardless of the time of day. With the fragrance of burnt caramel, a rich fruity feeling like sultana raisins and a firm sweetness is combined with a lingering milky mouthfeel. These beans can be enjoyed by itself or as a pairing coffee that goes well with sweet desserts. A daily use coffee that you always want to have stocked in your pantry.
    ①Soft caramel-like aroma and hazelnut-like flavor
    ②Sweetness like juicy sultana raisins
    ③Chocolate-like sweet aftertaste
    【Roast Level】Dark roast
    【Origin】 Colombia Nariño/Guatemala el Injerto/Ethiopia Aramo
    【Recommended brewing method】Espresso・Melitta・Cold brew

  • $23.00

    Lemon・Grapefruit・White peach・La France Pear
    Whole beans roasted on 9 February 2023
    A light mouth feel that you can wake up in the morning and start a bright day. The refreshing aroma like lime and the sour taste of lemon spread all over your mouth, making you feel refreshed and crisp. Beans that go well with breakfasts such as toast and croissants and want to keep stocked as a refreshing daily coffee.
    ①Bright, refreshing flavor of lemon and grapefruit
    ②Tartness of juicy white peach
    ③Clear sweetness of La France
    【Roast Level】Light roast
    【Origin】 Tanzania Moringa, Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Chelbesa
    【Recommended brewing method】Espresso・Melitta・Cold brew

  • $24.00

    Whole beans roasted on 9 February 2023
    A blend that shows the beans individuality when roasted relatively deeply, and gives a slight berry scent in the richness and sweetness of chocolate. It has a good compatibility with milk and is a recommended bean for those who want to taste a firm coffee in sweetness.
    ① Heavy dark chocolate
    ② Savory nut flavor
    ③ A faint blueberry scent
    【Roast Level】Dark roast
    【Origin】 East Timor, Ethiopia, Brazil, Myanmar
    【Recommended brewing method】Espresso・V60・Melitta・Cold brew

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    Plum blossom・Cranberry・Green apple・Honey・Syrup
    Whole beans roasted on 9 February 2023
    Plum blossoms represent the New Year. The Japanese bush warbler, also known as Uguisu in Japanese translates to “spring announcer”.
    These two words were used as a metaphor in olden Japan, to express them beautifully meaning “for a good match” or “a good relationship”.
    The harmony of two types of coffee beans were used to create this blend. Please enjoy the bright sourness like plum at the moment of drinking this coffee with the freshness of green apple spreading gradually.
    The red and green flavors interweave with each other and transform into a single taste. That is the BAIOH Blend.
    ① Sweet and sour plum flavor
    ② Sourness of cranberry and green apple that gradually spreads to the palate
    ③ Long-lasting aftertaste like honey and syrup
    【Roast Level】Light roast
    【Origin】 Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Conga Natural, Burundi Mwinga Busasa Free Washed
    【Recommended brewing method】Espresso, V60, AeroPress, Cold Brew

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    Milk chocolate・Butter・Cashew nuts・Blueberries
    Whole beans roasted on 9 February 2023
    ①Melted milk chocolate and buttery mouthfeel
    ②Savoury cashew nut flavour
    ③Slight blueberry aftertaste lingers with sweetness
    Sleep tight despite coffee with this collaborative blend from COFFEESAUNNERS x LiLo Coffee. With 90% less caffeine, you don’t have to worry about enjoying a cuppa before hitting the hay!😉
    【Recommended brewing method】Espresso, V60, American press, Cold Brew