ONIBUS: Ethiopia Worka Sakaro – 200g

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Peach, Citrus, Floral, Bright Acidity, Tea like
Whole coffee beans roasted on 23 January 2022

The coffee grown in the Gedeb area in Yirgacheffe is one of the most suitable parts for coffee production in Ethiopia. Here, coffee trees grow on 1/4 of the land. Normally bean drying takes 8 days, however, this lot slowly takes 12 to 15 days, creating a complex and clean taste.

Location: Gedeb, Yirgacheffe
Process : Fully Washed
Varietal : Ethiopian Heirloom
Altitude : 1,900m ~ 2,100m

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About Onibus Coffee Roasters

Heavily inspired by the coffee and coffee culture in Australia, Atsushi san — founder/director of Onibus, wanted to build a community in Tokyo just like the ones in here where people come to the same cafe every day and talk to each other, and where baristas and customers all know each other. With the idea of fostering such human connections, Atsushi san picked the name “Onibus”, which in Portuguese translates to ‘Public Bus’, a bus for everyone. He is hoping to connect coffee with people and places and blend it into their everyday life through his own brand.

ONIBUS: Ethiopia Worka Sakaro - 200g


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