Kurasu Happy Holiday Blend – 200g

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Grapes, Dried guavas, Plums, Cranberries, Baked apples, Honey
Whole beans roasted on 12 December 2022
Shake and open for a sweet holiday surprise! This season celebrate with Kurasu’s Happy Holiday blend. This very special blend is created to compliment all your holiday sweet treats, and is also the first blend that is created by our Assistant Roaster Reika. Did we mention it also comes with a special holiday postcard?😉

Roast: Light roast
Origin: Brazil, Guatemala

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About Kurasu Coffee Roasters

Kurasu comes from the Japanese word “to live” or “lifestyle.” Based in the historic city of Kyoto, Japan, we showcase Japanese coffee culture to the world through our roasts and coffee equipments partnering with specialty coffee roasters from around Japan. Our first Kyoto shop opened in 2016. In 2017 we opened in Singapore, 2018 Bangkok. Our philosophy is that amazing coffee can be brewed by anyone, anywhere.

Most of all, we were so excited to be a location where overseas and local customers alike can gather to buy, drink, and chat about everything coffee.

Kurasu Happy Holiday Blend - 200g


Out of stock