Cupping Room: Rigoberto Herrera Hawaii – 100g

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Pomegranate, Winey, Cacao nib
Whole coffee beans roasted on 25 January 2022

The Mokka variety is a dwarf mutant of Bourbon that is hybridized with Typica. The farm – Hawaii – is named for the island of Hawaii, from where the original seeds of Cafe Granja’s current Mokka crop originated from. It is the only farm in Colombia dedicated to this variety, where 90% is processed as a natural, with the balance usually used in experimental processing methods.

In this year’s crop, we find a wide spectrum of red fruit notes along with cacao nibs, chocolate malt, and red wine. For Rigoberto, it’s incredible how such a tiny bean can express so many flavours in a cup and its complexity can even beat a 90+ Gesha.

Origin: Valle del Cauca, Colombia
Producer: Rigoberto Herrera
Variety: Mokka
Process: Natural
Altitude: 1,450-1,530 masl

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Cupping Room: Rigoberto Herrera Hawaii - 100g


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