Cupping Room: Juan Saldarriaga – 200g

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Stone fruit, Cranberry, Black tea
Whole coffee beans roasted on 25 January 2022

Juan is a young producer who took over his family’s farms in 2012 and started to plant several different and new cultivars, everything from unusual Castillos, Caturras and Tabis to Bourbon, Geisha and SL28s, among others. So far he has been figuring out how each variety performs in the environment. He has built several different types of drying facilities, changed the processing, and started to manage a few other farms in the area.

This lot is a an Extended Fermentation Natural, where the cherries have been fermented for 24 hours before being dried, in a specially designed mechanical “cold dryer.” The resulting coffee is nuanced, layered, and tea-like. Not a typical Colombian, but also not a typical natural process.

Origin: La Claudina, Colombia
Producer: Juan Saldarriaga
Variety: Tabi, Castillo
Process: Natural
Altitude: 1,400-1,800 masl

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Cupping Room: Juan Saldarriaga - 200g


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