Cupping Room: Banko Gotiti #1 – 200g

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Donut peach, Lemon, Gummy bear, Black tea
Whole coffee beans roasted on 26 January 2022

Gotiti #1 surprisingly has a beautiful classic Yirgacheffe profile. This coffee is a beautiful example of everything we like in a washed Ethiopia: floral and citrus aromas greet you, before giving way to a juicy donut peach balanced with bright lemons and sugary gummy candies. The finish is elegant and tea-like, like a fine black tea making this Cupping Room’s staff favourite — particularly iced.

Origin: Kochere, Ethiopia
Producer: Banko Gotiti
Variety: Heirloom
Process: Washed
Altitude: 1,950-2,100 masl

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Cupping Room: Banko Gotiti #1 - 200g


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