Apollon’s Gold – Daily Delight Espresso Blend – 200g

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Jasmine, Peach, Chocolate
Roasted on 13/14 January 2022
Whole beans roasted for espresso and filter

Apollon’s Gold very own espresso blend of Brazilian and Ethiopian beans. Very floral and great either ways as a filter or a milk based espresso coffee.

Origin: Brazil, Ethiopia
Process: Natural/Washed

Degassing: we recommend degassing this coffee unopened for at least 20days. Best from 30days to 40days post roast.

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About Apollon’s Gold Specialty Coffee

Specialty Coffee Roaster based in Tokyo, Japan. Apollon’s Gold is passionate to bring the best varieties of Single Origin roasted coffee beans from around the world.

Apollon's Gold - Daily Delight Espresso Blend - 200g


Out of stock